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We believe in the sun as the inextinguishable source of clean energy.



We are obsessed by the research of the maximum efficiency within the field of solar concentration.



We operate for a world in which energy production be ever closer to its consumption.



We contribute to the safeguard of our planet and its resources by creating 100% recyclable devices.

A leader company in the manufacture of thermodynamic solar system, Innova develops small size concentrating solar power (CSP) systems both for electrical and thermal energy:

Trinum, the first solar concentrating and tracking system powered by a Stirling engine and Turbocaldo, a solar thermal concentrating system providing high performances. Innova gives you the best thermal solar concentration systems.

The technology used by Innova allows to exploit in a revolutionary way the concentrated solar power, to get eco-friendly energy for heating. It can be considered an excellent choice compared with the traditional systems.

Choose the energy efficiency offered by our models of parabolic solar concentrators and take advantage of the fiscal deductions provided for the purchase of CSP systems.

Innova isn't only technology, but applications of Excellence. Every month we present our best realizations on the territory.
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