Innova Solar Energy

Since 2005 Innova is active in the development of advanced CSP generators for application in distributed power generation.

It focuses on the most promising segments of emerging solar systems technologies based on Solar Concentration: Dish/Stirling and, later, High Concentration Photovoltaic (HCPV).

Innova has already launched its unique Dish/Stirling based electrical/thermal co-generators with peak power of 1Kwe and 3 Kwt, with substantial advantage over competing solutions.

Unlike a conventional solar panel, a thermodynamic system uses the thermic element within the solar energy in order to generate electricity.

Innova develops small size concentrating solar power (CSP) system, for electrical and thermal energy production:
Trinum, the first solar Concentrating system - with tracking- with Stirling engine and Turbocaldo, a solar thermal concentrating system high performance.



Trinum, the first thermodynamic solar cogenarating system equipped with a small size stirling free piston engine.

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Turbocaldo, the most performing
solar thermal system on the market.

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